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Extraordinary Change Sports Consulting

The mind controls what the body does and how well it does it.

For example if you wanted to stand up and walk across the room. You only need to decide to do it. You’d get right up and take step by step, keeping your balance effortlessly – without “a conscious thought”. You wouldn’t have to think about how to simultaneously control the hundreds of large and small muscles all over your body. Your mind does it without you thinking how. Now, imagine how useful that would be for any athlete who trains their body so hard but just isn’t breaking through at key moments. What if you could not only break through but do it effortlessly, like walking across the room.

Mental skills coaching is just like physical conditioning but it focuses on improving and conditioning “what the mind can do effortlessly” for sports performance enhancement.

You may be a good goalie, but a great goalie has reflexes that are so “instinctively” fast, that there is no time to think and not one puck gets by! This is why mental skills coaching is relevant.

It is the difference between the good athletes and the great athletes.

With mental skills coaching the results are nearly instant. Most of our athletes are not only impressed but even their coaches and peers take immediate notice that things have abruptly improved.

With nutrition or kinesiology or other services, the results do occur over time as can be expected but are clearly noticeable day by day.  The more an athlete is able to commit to their improvement, the faster their results come.

The results do last.  However, every athlete and coach knows that proper maintenance is the key to long term and long lasting improvement.  The more they value their maintenance, the longer they will enhance their results.

The main difference in working with a team versus an individual athlete is the performance issues we work on, such as cohesiveness and attitude and so on.

However, after doing a one-on-one with each athlete, and all are accustomed to the mental skills coaching, you can work with the entire team as if they were a single individual.  That cohesiveness allows and entire team to improve simultaneously at a rapid pace.

Professional mental skills coaching can be utilized by anyone ages 7 and up.

Yes.  The only requirement is the desire to perform better than they are currently performing.

Yes.  Our clients include everything from individual professional ice skaters, swimmers, and competitive power lifters to entire hockey and basketball teams.  Because we are working on coaching the mind, the sport does not matter.

No.  There are no risks, only improvements.  The worst case scenario is that improvement is slow.  And if that happens then it is time to look at the real motivation of the athlete.  Some athletes do struggle with “being coached” in general and for a variety of personal reasons.  We recognize this issue and can resolve it as well so that they can improve.

The list is long and the benefits are different when working with individual athletes versus an entire team.  But in general athletes can heal faster and reduce pain naturally and significantly, have faster reflexes, better aim, better sight, better accuracy, better emotional control, greater endurance, greater motivation and more.  Now would be a good time to review the services page.

Some clients are local and some are not. Obviously being local means easy access in person.

Mental skills coaching can be done in many environments.  It can be done at a training facility, on the field, in our office, or even at your own home.  We can even do the coaching over skype for individual athletes who have worked with us for a while and the coaching relationship and techniques are established.

For our long distance clients, some prefer to come to us and some prefer to bring us to them. It really depends on what the need is.

Mental skills coaching has everything to do with performance ability.  Without the mind the body can do nothing all.  With a sharpened mind, the body can hardly be stopped at all!  The difference is black and white.

Yes.  Usually the lack of mental skills coaching is precisely why there is a block between an athlete’s efforts to improve and their results.

Mental skills coaching is all about skill enhancement and performance ability.  Sports psychology is more clinical and can be used for the purpose of therapeutic help.  They are very different.

The difference that can be made is practically unlimited.  There are so many sports and so many different and unique individual athletes there is just no way to list all the countless differences that can be made.

It’s the difference that can lock in that season winning touchdown, or that game changing power play, or that last minute burst of energy that broke the ribbon first, by enhancing all the abilities, individual by individual and as a team.

Now might be a good time to take a look at our client testimonials.

They can give you a perspective of what they expected and how they found improvement beyond their expectations.