Extraordinary Change Sports Consulting

Our consultants work with every level involved with the athlete or team in order to get a truly comprehensive picture of what is needed. We use this information to determine and create a rapid impact solution that will deliver the extraordinary change needed.

Our board certified experts provide highly-skilled, rapid enhancement services and techniques such as sports mental skills coaching, cognitive behavioral technique (CBT), neuro-bio feedback, kinesiology, and sports nutrition coaching.  We accurately account for and improve mental skills, consistent performances, emotional performance and triggers, unconscious habits, muscle memory patterns, distractions, and even injury recovery rate.

We follow along closely and do what is needed as it’s needed for individual players or the team as a whole. Whether we work one-on-one or with the group, during training and even during games our ongoing and highly specialized sessions become an instant asset to our clients.  Results are often noticed even after the first session.

Our goal for you as the athlete is to actualize and maximize your potential, helping you to be the best player you can be.

Our goal for your team is to help the team evolve into consistent WINNERS!

Our goal for overall success is to make a difference that builds the fan base and boosts profits!

The extraordinary changes we facilitate based on level of service: